Mardi Gras in the Mountains
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Mardi Gras in the Mountains Past Krewes
All hail Rex!  Courtney Henderson served as King Rex during our Peace, Love and Mardi Gras.  Courtney is the owner of the Best Western River's Edge in Red River. 
King Rex 2016 is Lisa Weathers, Owner of Terrace Towers Lodge in Red River. 
Made up of some of the most respected hooligans in town, the Motley Krewe has been around longer than any other krewe in Red River. With quite a few awards under their belt, members of the Motley Krewe focus most of their energy on the Main Street parade and hosting the Grand Ball on Saturday night.
You can find many members of the Motley Krewe hanging out at Mountain Treasures, but don't let their love for coffee and kolaches fool you... they can prank (and party) with the best of 'em!  The winner in 2015 of the "Most Participation" award!


The Krewe de Lush, Red River’s most outrageous krewe, has long been known as the “black sheep” of Mardi Gras in the Mountains. From shocking pranks to parade floats that would make you blush, this krewe is made up of the Red River residents who will stop at nothing to have a great time. The KDL is in an epic battle with the Pirate Krewe to win back the coveted drink contest title. Will this be their year? You can find most members of the KDL bellied up to the bar at Timbers Restaurant. They love live music, kicking a**, and anything that will cure a hangover.

The Pirate Krewe was once Red River's largest krewe, made up of those crazy guys and gals that put skiing and snowboarding before anything else. They're pretty raucous and take the pirate lifestyle very seriously. Most of their adventures set sail from the Lift House and involve cold beer and live music. They're krewe motto? "The beatings will continue until morale improves." 

The Party Krewe knows how to take it easy until the party gets started. Their motto is "don't sweat the small stuff" and they live for late nights and powder days. When they're not on the mountain you can find them at Capo's Corner. Their ball kicks off Mardi Gras in the Mountains on Thursday night and sets the tone for the six-day festival. You'll soon see why the "Party Krewe" is an appropriate name for this group of fun-loving folks.

Red River's newest krewe is quite possibly Red River's most thematic krewe. This rowdy group brought Steampunk to Red River at the Aspencade Arts & Crafts Fair in 2012 and found that the "Victorian/ Western/ Industrial Revolution/ Romantic" look suited them. These ladies and gents have a flare for the dramatic and are looking forward to making a big splash during Medieval Mardi Gras.

Why should the adults get to have all of the fun? Red River's youth created the Krewe les Jeune in 2012 and quickly grabbed everyone's attention as the krewe to watch out for. With participation in the parades, costume contest, children's ball, and anything else they could get a ride to, they received the Honorable Mention award for "Most Participation" in 2012. Keep an eye on these kids... they're the future of Mardi Gras in the Mountains!


Established in 2014, these girls and guys have already won
 the drink making contest for the past two years (2014 and 2015). They are known for their great parties at The Motherlode and assortment of beautiful women(and men!) Keep an eye out for this krewe to grow to be one of the largest in town!


Who says you have to be from Red River to have a krewe? The Kowboy Krewe is a mix of Texas & Kansas friends (they call themselves “TexKans”) returning to Red Rive for the 3nd year as an official Madi Gras krewe. They love skiing and celebrating Mardi Gras in the mountains and want to put everybody on notice that “sh*t’s about to get western!”

The Krewe de Colores is made up of colorful characters that enjoy having a good time and helping out the kids. They were the annual co-hosts of the Children's Ball (along with the Krewe les Jeunes) in the past, but who knows what 2015 will bring.

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